Give charities a gift that keeps supporting them for good

Give for Good is a charity donation platform that helps you support the future of your favorite charities. We invest your donation and the charity you choose gets interest every year — for good!

The gift that keeps on giving

Give for Good

Investing for charity → more impact

We invest your donation in an ethical, sustainable and social investment fund and then transfer the interest each year to the charity you choose. This way, Give for Good helps you support the future of your favorite charities! 


Two advantages

Donating to charity via Give for Good has two advantages over other ways of donating:

  1. Ever-lasting impact: The charity gets support every year (the interest on your donation), even when you donate only one time. This continues year in, year out, for good.
  2. Ever-growing impact: The interest gets a little bit bigger every year → the impact of your donation grows bigger and bigger.
Give for Good
  • The gift that keeps on giving​

    Give for Good helps you give an everlasting income to a charity or charities that you choose.
  • How we achieve this

    We invest your donation in an ethical, sustainable and social investment fund. The charities then receive the interest from this every year.
  • Two advantages

    Investing for charity has two advantages over other ways of donating.
  • 1. Ever-continuing impact

    The charity gets support every year (interest on your donation), even when you donate only one time. This continues year in, year out, forever!
  • 2. Ever-growing impact

    Your donation generates more interest every year → meaning that more money goes to charity every year!
The gift that keeps on giving
social goals

"This is why we are called Give for Good: we help you create impact for good causes that continues forever!"

4 easy steps

How Give for Good works

Step 1

choice in giving

Choose charity
+ amount

You make a donation to a charity via Give for Good. You choose the charity + the amount.

Step 2



We invest your donation in an ethical, sustainable and social investment fund. Every year, your invested donation generates a profit.

Step 3

50-50 investment method

Profit goes
to charity

Every year, we transfer the profits to the charity. These transfers keep going for good and even become bigger every year.

Step 4

your impact on charities

You make an
impact for good

Your impact: ever-continuing and ever-growing support for your favorite charity!

Bonus: double impact​

Plus, a bonus double impact: the investment also supports ethical, sustainable and social businesses. Your share in a better world!

Give today, help for good

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More impact each year with one donation

An example

If Give for Good had been established 100 years ago and you had donated an amount for a charity in that year, then the charity would have received in profits from the investment:
  • after 21 years: your initial donation
  •  after 50 years: already more than 4 times your initial donation
  • after 100 years: more than 25 times your initial donation. All because of your one-time donation 100 years ago!
Calculate here below how much the charity is estimated to get because of your one-time donation!
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Calculate it yourself!

Give for Good calculator

Calculate yourself here below how much charities are expected to get based on this interest and your one-time donation:

The estimate above is based on the average interest on the stock market in the past 150 years: 7.0% per year. This seems like a small percentage, but as you can see, over time this can produce really big returns! This is because of an “interest-on-interest” effect. That effect is the secret behind Give for Good! 

Because of how we invest, we expect to achieve the same results as the average from the past 150 years. Read more about that below.

Our investments: safe, reliable and ethcial

Investing is THE new way of supporting charity. Investing in stocks is safe and gives a reliable interest when you A) spread your investments over many businesses, and B) invest for a long time. We do both: we invest only in index funds with 1000s of companies and our investments last forever. And of course, our investments are done only in businesses that score high on ethical, sustainable and social values

Investing for charities is already really popular in some countries, like the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. In the USA, for example, donors have already invested more than 140 billion dollar for charities!


Transparency is how we work

Give for Good FAQ

Interest rates vary per year, but long-term results are remarkably reliable for stock investments (7.0% interest on average per year). Here below you can see an estimate of how much money will reach the charity over the next 50 years, if you make a one-time donation of $ 10 today, based on that average interest on stocks. More than 4 times your initial donation amount is estimated to end up with the charity in the next 50 years! Over the next 100 years, this is estimated to grow to more than 25 times your initial donation (this is so much because the amount grows exponentially through an interest-on-interest effect).

Figure 1. 50-year projection of money transferred to charity over time, after a one-time donation of $10 via Give for Good

The support continues forever: it is a gift that keeps on giving! The charity receives interest on your donation every year, even when you have just made a one-time donation.

To cover our costs, we ask a % of the interest on the donations that we invest for donors. This is on purpose a % of the interest, and not of the donation itself. This way, we only get money if the charities get money!

Legally, we can never ask more than 10% of the interest. At the moment, we ask 5%. Our long-term goal is that this will become 0%. Just like to any other charity, people can donate to us. We hope that in time, these donations will be enough to cover our costs.

Suppose: you invest $ 100 for your favorite charity and that in the first year there is a 10% interest (amounting to $10). Then:

  • $ 4.75 is transferred to the charity for which you invested the donation
  • $ 4.75 is added to the original $ 100. As a result, next year’s interest is made not on $ 100, but on $ 104.75! This way, the charity gets a little bit more support every year.
  • $ 0.50 is transferred to us at Give for Good to cover our operational costs

You can invest safely and with a reliable long-term interest by:

  1. investing in many businesses at the same time and
  2. holding those investments for a long time

By holding to these two rules, we know the interest on the donations will move to the average interest on all stocks combined: 7.0% per year.

How do we know this? By studying more than 150 years of stock market history. Read more here!

All investments are done through an ethical, sustainable and social investment fund. This means that there are no investments in unethical sectors, such as fossil fuels and weapons. Instead, ethical, sustainable and social businesses receive extra support. You can read more about our investments here.

Each year, we transfer 50% of the interest to the charity. The reason for transferring 50% — and not 100% — is that the other 50% is used to increase the invested value of your donation. This way, the charities get a little bit more every year! This is because this 50-50 method generates an “interest-on-interest” effect. This results in your invested donation, and with it the money that is transferred to the charity each year, growing exponentially. So based on your one-time donation, the charity not only gets ever-continuing financial support, but it gets an ever-growing amount! In time, this results in more money for the charities than if we transferred 100% of the interest to them.

We encourage people to do both: support charities now AND support their futures. When you support charities directly, they will spend your money directly. The difference with Give for Good is that with us, your one-time donation results in a stable income for the charity year in, year out. Many charities are not allowed to invest money like this themselves as a source of income (only as a reserve), because of government regulations. Also, practically, they generally do not offer the option to label your donation as an investment. That is why Give for Good exists! 


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