FAQ: donations and investments

Can I ever get my donation refunded?

No, your donation is a gift, it cannot be returned. Even though it is invested, you decide to part with the money. The donation will remain in Give For Good’s investment account forever, or at least as long as Give For Good exists. It will keep producing interest every year that will be given to the charity or charities that you have chosen, even after you die. See here for what will happen should Give For Good ever cease to exist.

What is the impact of my donation?

With Give For Good donors achieve a double impact with their donation:

  1. Charities are supported through the interest on investments
  2. The investments themselves are done only into businesses that do well on ethical, sustainable and social criteria (‘Responsible investing’). So donors also support businesses that are doing well in these areas!

How is my donation invested?

We describe how we invest in detail on our Investments page.