Donate to Amnesty International via Give For Good

Amnesty International

Amnesty International strives for a just world where everyone has equal rights and can live in freedom.

Give For Good

Give For Good enables you to donate to your favorite charities in a unique way: we help you create a source of annual, periodic income for Amnesty International that goes on forever using a one-time donation by you. Here is how it works:

Step 1

choice in giving

You make a donation

Step 2


We invest it in green + social stock funds

Step 3

50-50 investment method

Every year, the profits go to Amnesty International

Step 4

your impact on charities

Annual income, forever, for Amnesty International

Give For Good is a non-profit

Give For Good is a nonprofit organization so your donations are used 100% for non-profit goals.

Donate for Amnesty International via Give For Good

Click here below if you want to donate to Amnesty International in this way and give them a periodic, annual income that goes on forever!

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