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Metabolic diseases are wreckers. They destroy the body and cause much grief and suffering to children and their families. Metakids works to put an end to this.

Give For Good

Give For Good enables you to donate to your favorite charities in a unique way: we help you create a source of annual, periodic income for Metakids that goes on forever using a one-time donation by you. Here is how it works:

Step 1

choice in giving

You make a donation

Step 2


We invest it in green + social stock funds

Step 3

50-50 investment method

Every year, the profits go to Metakids

Step 4

your impact on charities

Annual income, forever, for Metakids

Give For Good is a non-profit

Give For Good is a nonprofit organization so your donations are used 100% for non-profit goals.

Donate for Metakids via Give For Good

Click here below if you want to donate to Metakids in this way and give them a periodic, annual income that goes on forever!

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