What is effective altruism?

Making it count

Do the most good with your time and money

EA Vision

The vision behind effective altruism (EA) is to do the most good with the resources that you have. Often people determine what is 'the most' through research and evidence. Common resources to optimize for altruism one's time and one's money.


People who try to optimize their time for EA often consider, for example, what area to work in for their career. You might opt to start a new foundation or social enterprise, for example, work with charities, or you might 'earn to give', meaning you choose a profession that earns a lot so you can donate the money.


People also often try to do the most good with their money. You can do this, for example, by purchasing products from social and sustainable manufacturers, or by donating to charities that have shown to be the most effective through research.

Give For Good

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2 EA methods

Give For Good is a non-profit charity donation platform that helps you donate in a smarter, more effective way. At Give For Good, we apply two methods to help you maximize the impact of your donations:
  1. Each donation you make via Give For Good is invested in social and green stocks. Every year we transfer the interest on the investment to the charity you choose. This way, the charity gets a stable, annual income, forever. In other words, we help you to make your donations more sustainable + larger over time. 
  2. On our “Themes” page, you can donate to a theme that you find important. We will then donate the interests each year to the charities that are the most effective within that theme.