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The gift that keeps giving

Give For Good helps to create a better future by supporting charities.


Our vision is that we can all live on a healthy planet, with thriving human habitats and natural ecosystems, that are full of opportunities and freedom for all.

your impact on charities


There are so many amazing organizations who help to achieve these goals. The mission of our foundation is to help these organizations continue and expand their great work in the future.



We do this via Give For Good, a donation platform for charities. Give For Good helps to establish a steady flow of income for charities, by investing people’s donations in ethical, sustainable and social businesses, with the interest on the donations going to the charities people have chosen.


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Have a look at our publications, like our annual report and our financial statement.

Investment policy

Read more about how we invest and the ethical, sustainable and social investment standards we adhere to.


Evaluate together with our team how well Give For Good is doing!

Our values

Our values are focused on setting up a great and safe investment platform for donations to charity.


We always take a forward-looking view and a ‘building’ attitude, thinking about how we can grow ourselves and help other charities in the future.

Ethical, sustainable and social​

Everything we do is guided by our vision to achieve a better tomorrow. Being ethical, sustainable and social comes back in every part of our organization.


Our ideas about how to achieve our vision are evidence-based. Our study of 150 years of investment history guides our policies on how to support charities safely, ethically and effectively.


Transparency is important to us. In the world of charity, transparency is important in general. And when you engage in investments, it is also important to be transparent.

Sustainable Development Goals


Partnerships are how we achieve our goals. We partner with donors and charities to make a lasting impact. 


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Give For Good is a registered non-profit organization


Dutch Chamber of Commerce​

We are registered as a non-profit foundation with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 77769996.


Knowledge center for philanthopy​

We are registered as a non-profit organization with the Knowledge Center for Philanthropy.


Dutch tax authority​

Our registration number as a non-profit organization with the Dutch tax authority is 861136433.


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