Start your own charity fund or trust

And support the charities you find important

Give an everlasting gift

Starting a fund for charity via Give For Good

Give For Good helps you to start a fund or trust for one or multiple charities. This is how such a fund works: 

  • Donations made to your charity fund are invested in investment funds (e.g. green/social funds). We can choose funds for you or you choose with our help. 
  • Each year, the profits on the investments go to one or more charities. You choose the charities; it can be any registered charity. 

Give For Good handles all the administration. You may make one donation to the fund, multiple, or even recruit other people’s donations to the fund. It is all your choice.  

Giving donating

Three advantages

Starting a charitable fund or trust via Give For Good has the following advantages:

  1. Eternal income for charities: The charity or charities you support with the fund get a stable income every year — forever. This is because the invested donations generate an average interest.
  2. Growing income for charities: Give For Good grows the invested amount each year, so the yearly income for the charities even increases every year.
  3. Low costs and no administration: We have fully automated setting up funds for charities. Therefore, our platform costs are super low. We ask no monthly fee. All we ask is 5% of the interest on the donations to keep our platform running. We are a non-profit, so when we can make this percentage lower, we will.

How it works

Step 1

choice in giving

a fund

You start a fund via Give For Good. You choose the charities that get the profits.

Step 2


We invest
the donations

We invest all donations to your fund in the investment funds. This generates an average profit (around 3.25% each year of the value of your fund).

Step 3

50-50 investment method

Profits to

Every year, we transfer the profits to the charities. These transfers keep going forever. They even become bigger every year!

Step 4

your impact on charities


The result: a stable, growing income for your favorite charities that continues forever.


You can support any registered charity or charities with your fund. Here are some examples of charities that are already funded via Give For Good: 


You start your own fund, e.g. with your family, organization or for someone you want to honor

You choose how the donations are invested (in which funds)

You choose which charities that get the profits

Give For Good makes it all happen administratively. There are no monthly fees. 5% of the interest is used to run the Give For Good non-profit platform.