The future of fundingraising for charities

Fundraising for charities via investments


A donation platform for the future

As explained on our homepage for donors, Give For Good is a charity donation platform. We invest donors’ donations in the stock market and transfer the profits every year to charities. These profits continue forever and even increase in size every year. 


Our goals

  • we turn one-time donations into a source of ever-continuing and ever-growing income for charities
  • we generate a stable, reliable income for charities every year, also when donors make one-time donations (something that is happening more and more, see graph).

Advantages for charities

50-50 investment method


An ever-lasting, ever-growing source of income for your charity in the future.

One-time → stable income

Even when donors make a one-time donation, your charity still receives a stable income, year in, year out — for good.

Managing legacies

Joining Give For Good offers donors a future-orientated way of bequeathing money to your charity that is admin-free for you!


Free PR for your charity

Your charity gets its own page on the Give For Good website. This brings free extra attention for your charity!


No, there are no costs for being on the Give For Good website.

To cover our costs, we ask a % of the interest on the donations that we invest for donors. This is on purpose a % of the interest, and not of the donation itself. This way, we only get money if the charities get money!

Legally, we can never ask more than 10% of the interest. At the moment, we ask 5%. Our long-term goal is that this will become 0%. Just like to any other charity, people can donate to us. We hope that in time, these donations will be enough to cover our costs.

All investments are done through an ethical, sustainable and social investment fund. This means that there are no investments in unethical sectors, such as fossil fuels and weapons. Instead, ethical, sustainable and social businesses receive extra support. You can read more about our investments here.

The Netherlands, where we are based, has a charity certification organization: the CBF. The CBF has a page that describes what donors should pay attention to when donating via donation platforms.

Give For Good is in agreement with the CBF’s advice:

  • Our foundation is a registered non-profit organization
  • We publish an annual report and our full financials yearly
  • An independent financial committee audits our financials
  • If Give For Good ever ceases operations, all invested amounts are transferred to the charities for which they were invested

We also have a detailed investment policy whose first priority is safety.

Charities that already work with us

Here below are some examples of charities that already work with us:

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Sign up your charity for Give For Good so donors can invest an amount to support you via our website!