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22 December 2021

Part of the Christmas spirit is the end of the year donation. Have you already decided what or who you want to support a little extra this year? Or will you be making an end of the year donation for the first time? In this blog we will discuss how to adhere to our version of the Christmas spirit.

The festive month of December is the month for connecting par excellence. Connecting with yourself by reflecting, setting goals, or being satisfied and proud. It may activate a feeling of gratitude for your own situation. Simultaneously, December appeals to connection with others. Not just with family and friends but also with the people who are in less fortunate situations than you are. These may be people who lean on organisations to provide care, services, research, or material that they cannot arrange themselves. And guess what? Most of these organisations lean on us. They depend on people that make donations. That is why donating is not just important. It is essential.

Feeling the need to do good is not always easy. There are so many good causes that are worth supporting. It requires some strong decision-making skills. One way to approach donating is to determine a fixed amount of money and set it aside for donations. For example, this amount can be donated to one cause or divided over a series of charities for a single donation or staggered donations. Also, one may choose to switch charities every year or so to spread the budget for donations.

Making choices may unjustly put emphasis on those that have not been chosen. Yet, as the Christmas spirit intends, making a donation is unmistakably a good thing. It is thoughtful from the first penny. That is exactly the feeling that Give For Good aims to achieve. Not just with the end of the year donation but with every donation. Even more, Give For Good celebrates your donation by sustainably enlarging it via investing. You can read all about our investing policy here.

So, donating is all about making grateful choices but at least as much about making a positive impact. And you are celebrated for both! That is how we see the Christmas spirit: “always look on the bright side..”.

Are you making your end of the year donation with Give For Good? You can do that here starting at €5. Happy holidays! 

Milou Peperkamp
Give For Good

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