Tax rules in the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Tax law is different for every country, so we ask you to ensure for yourself that your donations to charity via Give For Good can be deducted from your taxes. We try to help you by collecting the relevant information for you, but the end-responsibility for ensuring the donations are tax-deductible lies with you as the donor. On this page, we provide the information we have collected for tax deductibility of donations in the Netherlands.

The relevant law and policies for deductibility of donations to charity in the Netherlands are written in the “Geefwet” and in the “Giftenbesluit“.

The Dutch tax authority, the “Belastingdienst”, also provides guidance on its website.

There are two ways in which donations to a charity may be tax-deductible in the Netherlands:

  1. When you donate directly to a charity with the ANBI-status
  2. When you donate via a donation platform that functions as a ‘loketinstelling’ and who passes on the donation to a charity with the ANBI-status

Neither apply for Give For Good. We have requested the Dutch tax authority for both ANBI-status and for being a ‘loketinstelling’, but both requests were denied. The first is because to get ANBI-status in the Netherlands, your organization has to support one specific social or sustainable goal. When an organization supports all charities, like Give For Good does, it is not eligible for ANBI status. The Dutch tax authority also does not consider Give For Good a ‘loketinstelling’, because we do not pass on our donations directly to charities, but invest them first and pass on the interest. 

So unfortunately, donations made via Give For Good are not tax-deductible. 

That said, Give For Good is a registered non-profit and we make an effort to comply with the ANBI-regulations, for example by being very transparent about our organization and our finances (see here).